Christ The King Window
This window is located at the entrance to the church and was installed when the sanctuary was built.
The essence of this window is the center crown which is the depiction of Christ as King of our lives. The significance of the crown being in red is that it was bought with a price, “the blood of Jesus.” One will note that the crown is transfixed across a bar in the window. The significance of this will be discussed later.
In the middle of the window is noted a bowl. The bowl represents the servanthood of Jesus as he came “not to be served, but to serve.” Without servanthood there can be no representation of a King. We think of a King as one who we serve but in God’s thought a king is a servant first, and then through his servanthood is respected and revered as a king.
The central triangle represents the Trinity – God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit. One notices the apex of the triangle never comes to a closure at the top. This indicates the infinity or eternal nature of God. Time without end.
One notices that the window is divided into six sections. The artist used the three upper sections to depict God in the upper triangle, Jesus Christ in one side and the Holy Spirit in the opposite triangle. One notices the symmetry of the two side triangles not only in size but in color. This was thought by the designer of the window to also represent the Israelites of the Old Testament as well as the Christians in the New Testament.
The bottom of the window is separated by three transverse bars. The bottom section represents man.
The bottom most aspect represents man in his bodily form. Man without a knowledge of God. One notes that there is a very little red represented here and only two small panels of rose are in the middle. This saying that man may think of Christ as a great prophet, but nothing more.
The second section has more red in it and represents man in his carnal state. He believes that there is a God and that he had a Son who died for our sins, but it makes very little difference in our lives.
The upper section which also has a portion of the crown in it, represents the true Christian who has made Jesus the Christ the King of his life. This then also represents the scripture of “no one comes to the Father except by Me.”
The central triangle without an apex comes down into all the three panels of man indicating that His love is always with us and that he continues to “woo and coo” us regardless of our state. He loves us regardless of what we have done.
One notes the symmetry of the window not only in size but in color. This is to remind us that “God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.”
Gold is used to represent God and the Divine, brown to indicate man, and red to indicate the sacrifice that God made for man’s sake. God also represents the Shekinah Glory of the Father. There is god in every pain of the window indicating the presence of God in the entire universe.
The two side triangles at the top of the window were felt to represent the Saints and Martyr since they contain not only brown, but red and gold. These are the ones that worship the Father day and night.
The top and upmost triangle has more gold in it than the others thereby representing God as the light of the world, as Jesus refers to Himself as the light of the world.
The other significance of the crown of red is that He became King of our hearts and souls, only by the shedding of blood.
The triangle that starts at the bottom of the window and extends upwards indicates man’s need for God to fulfill his life. Man is always seeking to fill the void in his life and it is only as he accepts Jesus as King and God as His Father by the power of the Holy Spirit that he becomes fulfilled in his life’s journey.